Tour de Fat

Due to the Boulder Sunset Triathlon, I was not able to make it out to the majority of the annual Tour de Fat. But I was able to roll over to Old Town on my Huffy Cranbrook cruiser for an hour in the mid-afternoon where there were still plenty of folks frolicking about in fancy outfits and enough colors to make a rainbow flag.

Judging from my photos, I’d say cruisers ruled the day. Next year I’d like to dress up my bike. I have a whole year to think of what.

Bicycles on the fence surrounding the main Tour de Fat festival area.A lot of people had balloons at the Tour de Fat.The New Belgium Volkswagen Bus.A bicycle adorned with sunflowers and towing a trailer filled with stuffed animals.Fat Tire is New Belgium Brewing Co.'s most famous beer.Superhero toy on the front of a cruiser.My 2012 Huffy Cranbrook.Electra cruiser.New Belgium Brewing cruiser.Novara (REI's brand) cruiser.Not sure what was more impressive: the bicycle or that the owner came up a way to attach it to his vehicle!Colorful bicycles.Flowers in front of a Colnago.

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