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Tour de Fat

In 2007, there were about 4,000 partyers participating Tour de Fat—and the organizers already thought that was enough for an official record for world’s largest bicycle parade. Five years later, the event has grown by not two or three times, but five times: 20,000!

I was sitting on my butt last year and didn’t attend, but this year I came donning black dots on a red top and antennae. Yes, a ladybug. Note this was not my idea, but rather, Karie and Charis’. Karie had invited many friends from the San Francisco Bay Area—including some who had come to Costa Rica with us last year—to attend this event over Labor Day. When combining all of them with Chris and Charis’ kids and some more of Charis’ friends, we had a whole ladybug brigade of 13.

We weren’t the only ones on the course, either—I saw at least three others. “They should join us,” I mused at one point. We also ran into several other insects including bumblebees and grasshoppers.

Even though there were so many thousands of folks along the course in disguise, I encountered many people I knew—folks who, thankfully, spotted me first since I am terrible at picking people out from a crowd. This included Cathy, Libby, Ginger, Alan, Mindy, Scott, Celeste, and Leora (I think).

“How in the world did I recognize you?” asked Cathy after jumping out of a crowd and shouting my name. I have no idea, but good thing she did since there is no way I’d have recognized her.

Below is a photo with Cathy. “This will surely make Kermit jealous!” she wrote when sending me it. Sorry, Kermie.

Ladybug with Miss Piggy (Cathy).
Photo: Libby
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Ladybugs, ladybugs.
Leaf with ladybugs on the Huffster.
Zoe putting on her helmet.
Zoe was very cute as a ladybug.
Photo: Charis Ackerson
Aidan in his ladybug costume.
Charis showing her huge tomato plant.
We had a joker too.
My ladybug costume was rather warm since my cycling jacket was the only red top I owned.
Rick, Karie, Zoe...
Steven and Karie rode racing trikes.
Our ladybug group.
Photo: Charis Ackerson
Now integrated in the throng of Tour de Fatters a couple blocks away.
Zoe and mama got a Tour de Fat license plate!
Photo: Charis Ackerson
Colorful costumes.
Following a stringed-together line of of tricycles.
Not too many people were going to recognize this guy.
Green woman.
Chicken coop!
I know this guy on the banjo; his name is Alan.
Skateboard cycle.
Recumbent ridden by a green-haired dude.
Blue people.
Cathy as Miss Piggy.
Libby was spectating with Ginger (not shown), whom I would run into again the next day while doing a long run on the Poudre Trail.
Tall bikes.
Drilled out Cannondale Criterium from the late 80s or early 90s, converted into a fixie.
Aidan doing the slackline.
The Huffster in front of New Belgium, which was closed today due to hosting the event.