Featured photo for Warren Park 5k

Warren Park 5k

Belying the remnants of snow and ice on the ground—and Tim’s “bank robber” face mask—was a beautiful day for running: 35 degree temperatures, still air and nary a cloud in the sky. Everyone’s bodies were potentially even more rested than they otherwise might have been due to last night’s change to daylight savings time.

A total of 42 runners showed up today, which was a decent turnout considering that yesterday was the Heart Center of the Rockies Half Marathon, 10k and 5k. Afterward we headed over to Rocky Mountain Bagels to enjoy donut-shaped bread and friendly banter. A good time was had by all.

Some of us even received ribbons!

Race director Nick handing Kelly a ribbon for her 3rd place finish.

My Race

I forgot my Garmin Forerunner at home, so I did this race with no GPS feedback and strictly by feel. In the past when I had been running a lot, this would not have been a problem, but running only, oh, 25 miles total in the last six months does not lend oneself to being the most in tune with his body.

I was intent on not starting out too fast, and on this count I succeeded. I started to pick up the pace after Mile 1, shortly before seeing Kelly running the other way. There was no way I was going to catch her—and ultimately, I did not—but I wanted to try.

Indeed, I thought I kept the pressure on pretty well, even passing my buddy Tim shortly after the halfway point. For someone who had barely run after the Colorado Marathon, I was feeling fantastic. When I sprinted across the finish line (nipping Amy at the very last second), I felt that I may have crossed in one of my better times for this race.

In fact, I finished in one of my more average times in recent memory for the 5k distance: 20:39, or 6:36/mile. Meh. Oh well, at least I didn’t feel like a suffocating zombie like at the end of the last Tortoise & Hare Race.

Race Data

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 20:39 (6:36/mile)
Official results

I think this is Jan, who started only about 10 seconds after Kelly.
Runners at the start of the Warren Park 5k. It wasn't as cold as Tim's face mask might have suggested.
Kelly on first straightaway of the 5k run.