Featured photo for San Francisco Visit

San Francisco Visit

Kelly and I both had official business to tend to in Northern California—myself for engineering projects and Kelly for her patented invention called Trunk Locks. But we were out there long enough to have a great mini-vacation—particularly in San Francisco. We got to spend only a day in San Fran, but it was enough to see why Tony Bennett would croon about how this city high on a hill was calling out to him.

We motored through the city in a growling Ford Mustang, which made us feel like we were in the movie set for Bullitt. And if cresting hill after hill (some steep enough to give the illusion that we were about to drive off a cliff) wasn’t enough to make us feel like Steve McQueen, then this scene certainly did when a Dodge Challenger popped up from behind while Kelly was piloting the ‘Stang through “Crooked Street.”

All-American scene: Kelly in a Ford Mustang being followed by a Dodge Challenger with the U.S. colors in the background on Lombard St.

And just like Steve McQueen, we ended up making a run to the coast, specifically over to the Cliff House where we had an all-American meal at a little 74-year-old diner called Louis’, explored the Sutro Bath Ruins and Cave, and enjoyed a stunning sunset in what has to be one of the most romantic hot spots in all of Northern California.

With my sweetie and sunset and rocks.

Eventually the sun dipped below the horizon completely and the city was enveloped in darkness, so we cruised over the Golden Gate. On the northern side, we took in another breathtaking view, this time from Sausalito: the San Franciscan lights juxtaposed with one of the world’s most iconic suspension bridges.

The lights of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from Sausalito.

Afterward we had some great times in Stockton, Davis, and Palo Alto, but the tone of our mini-vacation was already set. Like Tony Bennett, we had left a little bit of our heart in the city by the bay.

The Bay Bridge.
"Create more art!"
Bamboo by the colorful homes near Telegraph Hill.
Walking up a steep hill to Telegraph Hill.
The Golden Gate Bridge.
Coit Tower.
Kelly walking down Kearney Street which was so steep it had steps for pedestrians.
Kearny & Broadway seem to be something of a porn district!
The Transamerica Pyramid.
Noe Valley Cyclery, where I purchased my Cannondale 3.0 back in 1993!
This was like a scene out of the movie "Bullitt."
A townhouse with roof hedges.
Coit Tower and a sign for the switchbacks of Lombard St.
Cherry blossoms on Lombard St.
Heading down the twisties of Lombard St.
Kelly and the 'Stang.
I forget if this was a church, a restaurant, or...?
The poster cars of S.F.: a Toyota Prius and Smart car.
The beach by the cliff House.
The Sutro Bath Ruins with a sunset behind.
The view from inside the cave at the Sutro Bath Ruins.
A heart in the rock.
Kelly dipping her feet into the Pacific for the first time.
Mila, my uncle Frank, and Kelly.
Making funny faces (well, at least Kelly and I) with Mila and Frank.
Having dinner with Stacey and Alyssa at Amarin's Thai Cuisine in Mountain View.  Unfortunately, Alyssa got food poisoning hours later!
Alyssa's cat Camara at Alyssa and Bryan's place.
Camara going over to her daddy Bryan.
Walking through the Vallejo St. gardens near Telegraph Hill.