Featured photo for Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

“There are so many cars here,” said my friend Stan, whom I happily bumped into by chance shortly after I had arrived at the car show and was admiring an MGB/GT and Morgan Plus Four. “They go all the way back to Mountain Avenue.”

There seemed to be more pony and muscle cars than in years past. Particularly notable ones included a Shelby Mustang GT 500, Ford GT 250, and a gorgeous 1957 Corvette roadster that was my favorite of the show.

A late 90s Viper was also here, although it was a solemn reminder of how car interior quality has improved by leaps and bounds since then. A 2012 Boss 302 (with about the same amount of power, but arguably far less exotic) seemed Rolls-Royce like in comparison for material quality, fit and finish, and style.

A new BMW 6-series coupe sprayed in matte black was also on the grounds. This was the second non-glossy German car I had seen in two weeks, the other being a Mercedes at the West Fest Concours & Car Show a couple weeks ago. I still don’t know how I feel about this finish that has traditionally been reserved for primer. Not only does it not reflect light, but needs to be handwashed only. I think this paint option is here to stay but a part of me kind of hopes it is just a passing fad.

After an hour, I finally made it over to Mountain Avenue. In fact, I barely made it here before the show officially closed. Stan was right—there really were a lot of cars.

The plates read "Milner."  Must be a reference to John Milner's hot rod in American Graffiti that looked just like this, just in yellow!
The Milner hot rod.
Bugeye Sprite.
Shelby GT500.
MGB GT flanked by a couple of Morgans.
Ford GT40 from the 1960s.
Interior of the Shelby GT500.
I had no idea drag cars were so small.  I imagined them to be about two times this size.
A "recycled" jalopy made from various parts.  You can see the MGA fenders.
A new BMW 6-series in matte black paint.  I still much prefer glossy paint on cars.
New Camaros always look good from this angle, this one in glossy black.
New Ford Mustang Boss 302.
C4 Corvette convertible.
Chevy Bel Air from the 1950s.  Chevy should come out with a retro-modern version of this car in my opinion.
Ford Edsel.
No Mustang from the 1970s are considered nearly as desirable as the ones form the 60s, but the swoopy lines of the 1971 'Stang aren't bad.
1957 Chevrolet Corvette.  This was my favorite of the show.
Interior of the 1957 'Vette.
2007 (?) Jaguar XK convertible.
C5 Corvette convertible.
Ford Thunderbird, circa 2004.
A 1979 Fiat Spyder and a Crossley convertible.
A Chevrolet Chevelle towing a pedal car.
Chevrolet Corvair from the 1960s.