This room at Pensión Oyambre in Colombrés, Spain, was very nice with an attached bathroom for only 15 euros in September 2017.

How Much Does It Cost to Hike the Camino de Santiago?

Of the many great things about the Camino de Santiago, it is affordable (particularly for a First World country) and thus accessible for people from all around the world.

Not including airfare and gear (all of which I already had), hiking 607 miles (971 kilometers) incurred the following expenses:

  • Lodging: 22.4€/night
  • Dining (bars, restaurants, coffee shops): 8.7€/day. See my Food in Spain post for typical meals.
  • Groceries (supermarkets, stores): ~8.0€/day
  • Miscellaneous (Pilgrim’s passport, socks, additional data SIM minutes): 1.5€/day

From the above, my average daily cost (again, not including transportation to the start in Irún and from the finish in Santiago de Compostela) was 40.6€/day. At the exchange rate during my trip, this was about US$51/day.

So if you were to spend 21 days on the Camino, plus 1 day before and after, and spend $1000 in transportation costs from and to the United States, you can expect to spend around $2173 total. Not bad for a 3.5-week vacation.

Since other than flights, lodging was my greatest expense, I dedicated the next section to it.


From the table below, you can see that from the 23 nights I dedicated for purposes of the Camino (21 days hiking + 1 night before + 1 additional day after), I stayed in:

  • Albergues 5 times @ average of 8.8€/night
  • Hotels 6 times @ average of 28.5€/night (these typically had staff attending a front desk during most of the day or even occasionally 24 hours)
  • Pensions and Bed & Breakfasts 10 times @ average of 27.7€/night (usually had to telephone upon arrival and wait for someone to come)
  • Friend’s place 1 time (free)
  • Stealth camping 1 time (free)

You can see that while private rooms (typically 1-3 stars) were very affordable at a cost of less than 30€/night, they were 3.5X more expensive than the albergues (pilgrim hostels). So if you had a stricter budget, you could easily spend less on places to stay if you didn’t mind having less privacy. Just be sure to bring earplugs!

You can also bring a tent and find places in the countryside to camp, especially along the more rustic caminos such as the Del Norte and Primitivo routes that I did for the first 500 or so miles. But considering the low costs of the albergues, I would not recommend this especially if you don’t already own all of that gear. A good tent, for example, costs as much as three weeks worth of staying in pilgrim hostels. Better to lighten the load by leaving your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and cooking equipment at home.

Camino Day Town Location Cost (euros) notes
0 San Sebastián friend’s house 0.0€
Del Norte 1 Zarautz construction site 0.0€
Del Norte 2 Etxebarria Pensión Txomin Ostatua 45.0€
Del Norte 3 Larrabetzu Albergue de Peregrinos 10.0€ donativo (donation)
Del Norte 4 Pobeña Albergue de Pobeña 10.0€ donativo (donation)
Del Norte 5 Laredo Pensión Tucán 30.0€
Del Norte 6 Santander Pensión Isabel 17.0€ split room with peregrino
Del Norte 7 Cóbreces Albergue Viejo Lucas 14.0€ included breakfast
Del Norte 8 Colombres Pensión Ayambre 15.0€
Del Norte 9 Nueva Pensión San Jorge 28.0€
Del Norte 10 Sebrayu Albergue de Peregrinos de Sebrayu 4.0€
Del Norte 11 Oviedo Hotel Favila 28.0€
Primitivo 12 Salas Hotel Soto 20.0€
Primitivo 13 Pola de Alande Hotel La Nueva Allandesa 30.0€ included breakfast
Primitivo 14 Grandas de Salime Albergue de peregrinos de Grandas de Salime 6.0€
Primitivo 15 O Cadavo Hotel Moneda 25.0€
Primitivo 16 Lugo B&B Muralla Romana 33.0€
Primitivo 17 Melide Pensión El Molino 25.0€
Frances 18 O Pedrouzo Pensión Compás 25.0€
Frances 19 Santiago de Compostela Hotel Códice 33.0€ split with Tori
Fisterra 20 Olveira Pensión Casa Loncha 39.0€
Fisterra 21 Finisterre Pensión Cabo 20.0€ split with Tori
22 Santiago de Compostela Hotel Exe Central Santiago 35.0€
TOTAL 492.0€

Average cost for all 23 nights above = 22.4€/night (~US$28/night at the exchange rate during my trip)

This room at Pensi�n Oyambre in Colombr�s, Spain, was very nice with an attached bathroom for only 15 euros in September 2017.