Featured photo for Gould Snowshoe Stomp (& Poudre Scenic Drive)


Snowshoeing is becoming a popular winter sport for good reason — it doesn’t require much skill (as long as you already know how to walk), nor does it require purchasing any expensive lift tickets. Not to mention there aren’t too many more peaceful experiences than leisurely strolling around in the woods, with fluffy white snow all around.

Thumbnail for Big South Trail, CO
Big South Trail, CO

This winter along the Front Range we have received record-setting dustings of snow that began as...

Thumbnail for Young Gulch, CO
Young Gulch, CO

The snow storm of a couple days ago presented what I figured would be one of...

Thumbnail for Big South Trail, CO
Big South Trail, CO

"It would be nice to go snowshoeing the next time I'm out here," Tori said sometime...

Thumbnail for Lory State Park, CO
Lory State Park, CO

With the snowpack thinning around Fort Collins, I figured I'd better take advantage of the snow...

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Winter Solstice

Hooray for the new snow! Not only did it allow me to go snowshoeing on...

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Echo Pass, CA

Drip, drip, drip. The wet weather of the week not only dampened everything outdoors in...