Me before jumping in the water. Clearly, because after the swim I was hypothermic and shivering so uncontrollably that the photo would have been blurry.


It’s pretty funny to now think of this, but as recently as 2002, I really could not swim. In the water, I’d be like a fish out of the water, flailing my body around and splashing a lot. I still may be a mediocre swimmer, but at least swimming 2.4 miles is no longer a problem for me — at least with a wetsuit.

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Front Range Freeze

A 5k run, an ugly sweater contest, and a plunge into the icy waters of the...

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Swim Labs Stroke Analysis

I guess I must have recovered from the hypothermic trauma of last-year's Horsetooth One-Mile Open Water...

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Horsetooth 1-Mile Swim

"I signed up for the Horsetooth One Mile Swim," I told a friend excitedly one day...

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Richards Lake, CO

Having a 20-yard lap pool with lane lines and mountain views 800 feet from home is...

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Alcatraz Swim at 7-years-old

Who says today's youths are lazy, spoiled, TV-watching, Nintendo-playing, ADD-affected juvenile dilenquents? Ok, so I...

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Catfish Swim

I got less than 5 hours of sleep in order to come be a spectator at...