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Tribute to Canny

This is a 10-year tribute to Canny, my faithful 1992 Cannondale 3.0. In the last decade she has ridden numerous centuries and double centuries, a few Ironman triathlons, Paris-Brest-Paris, and explored foreign lands in addition to shuttling me to classes and running errands during college. My most beloved machine of all time, period.

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I finally put together a belated 10-year-anniversary tribute to my little race bike, Canny!  I purchased her brand new in '93 as a '92 model, and from 1993-1996, she spent most of her time here on the
Photo: LA Cicero, Stanford News Service
In addition to shuttling me from class-to-class, she was my training bike, race bike, and commuter.  Here she is in Spring 1996 on a run to Walmart (a store I have long stopped patronizing!)
During the winter quarter of my junior year in college as my ME103 final project, I made a bike rack for my little MG so we could all go together to my cycling adventures.
Speaking of adventures: our first double century together, the 1996 Davis Double!  She still had her OEM Shimano RX100 21-speed componentry back then... note the downtube shifters and white simple brake levers.
In 1997, she got her first major componentry upgrades: "aero" 24-spoke Mavic CXP-30 wheels and 24-speed Shimano STI components.  Despite their heavy weight we're still using the same wheelset today.
A particularly pretty picture of Canny, at the 1999 Solvang Double.
1999 marked her next major componentry upgrade: to 27-speed Campagnolo components!  For a few months we also experimented with some (hideous-looking) green Michelin tires (sorry, Canny).
From 2000-2002 we experimented with some behind-the-seat water bottles, but would later revert back to white alloy downtube-mounted cages for better handling.  Here at the 2002 Heartbreak Double, we also experimented with Michelin Pro-Race tires (front), with good results.
A bike of all trades, here she is dabbing into the world of triathlon for Ironman Coeur d'Alene!  Note the shortened Profile Aerostyke aerobars.
Canny as a randonneur and readying for her greatest feat of all: the historic, 1225-km Paris-Brest-Paris (2003)!  She did great!
Canny and her owner at PBP.  We finished almost exactly 10 years after I had purchased her from Noe Valley Cyclery in San Francisco.  Can't think of a better way to celebrate a 10-year anniversary!
Canny at Stanford, almost nine years after she first rolled onto campus.