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1996 Raleigh M300

After 4 years of being on loan to my cousin, The Tank returns, intended for use as an eco-friendly commute vehicle. It gets its name from being virtually indestructible; e.g., just 1 flat tire in 7 years and about 2500 miles. It also has survived a crash or two with nary a scratch going down Mission Peak in Fremont, CA.

Raleigh UK has a long an storied history, producing bicycles since 1898. Unfortunately, due to financial troubles, the company stopped manufacturing in volume shortly after the start of the new millenium. Raleigh now seems to be back on its feet because I’ve seen several shops recently that sell Raleigh bicycles once again.

In 2006, my Raleigh M300—despite residing (the bike, that is) in California the entire year—engaged in a number of adventures. First was trying to keep up with Peggy and her time trial bike in the 100-km Giro d’Peninsula, The Tank’s longest ride ever. Then during a 3-week period in October when I was visiting people in CA, the bike performed about 200 miles of commuter duty. The Tank and I also did a gorgeous 28-mile mountain bike ride in Stevens Canyon with Ken and Jim.

After 4 years of being under the care/use by my cousin Konrad (since I was not using it), "The Tank" returns!  I intend to return it, as in the past, for commuter duty.
I first purchased The Tank in the summer of '96 from the Cardinal Bike Shop in Palo Alto (for $270, I think), again for a eco-friendly commuter vehicle.  It did great, logging ~2000 miles with no problems except for a recalled crank (by Shimano) and just ONE flat tire!
Side view of the tank--still looking good (and not beater-like enough) after all these years.  Maybe one of these days it will get its own web page, like Canny and the 'bent.