Another view of the wall below.

China Itinerary

This 15-day China vacation that my folks invited me on was the best! For one, it was my first guided tour (also first trip with my mom and dad in a long time), which turned out to be far more luxurious than my bare-bones backpacking trips. Not only did we get to see way more than we otherwise would have in this period of time, we met many friendly people and made lots of memories…


May 27-28, 2002 (Mon-Tue): Beijing
May 29, 2002 (Wed): Great Wall of China
May 29, 2002 (Thu): Hutong Area in Beijing
May 29, 2002 (Wed): Bicycling in Beijing
May 30, 2002 (Thu): Wuhan/Yueyang
May 30-June 4, 2002 (Thu-Tue): Yangtze River Cruise
June 2 , 2002 (Sun): Lesser Three Gorges
June 4, 2002 (Tue): Chongqing
June 5, 2002 (Wed): Xian
June 6, 2002 (Thu): Suzhou
June 7, 2002 (Fri): Shanghai



Another view of the wall below.
Another view of the wall below.