A Foreign Country Each Year Felix Wong

Beginning in 1999, I started a “foreign-country-a-year” streak that I hope to maintain for many more decades. Here is a list.

1999: England (London), Italy (north)
2000: England (south), France (Calais)
2001: Canada (Niagara Falls)
2002: China
2003: France
2004: Mexico (Tijuana)
2005: Canada (Vancouver and Squamish)
2006: Vietnam (south and central)
2007: Panama, Canada
2008: Canada (Québec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia)
2009: Mexico (Oaxaca)
2010: Guatemala
2011: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada (Ontario)
2012: Canada (Victoria)
2013: Jamaica, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain
2014: China
2015: Mexico (Yucatán)
2016: China, Taiwan
2017: Cuba

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2 comments on “A Foreign Country Each Year

  1. Comment by Jeremy

    That’s a nice list. Be sure to hit the Alps next time you’re in Europe. Interlocken, Switzerland is a great hub for outdoor excursions.

  2. hey felix, if you manage to go to Switzerland or Germany, let me know. I live in Heidelberg (Germany) and can show you some nice spots, touristically and/or alpinistically (in the alps).

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