Outdoor Climbing

It’s hard to beat the thrill — or the views — from climbing the face of some rock. When you are climbing, you aren’t thinking about work or the world’s problems — just how will you get to the next hold.

Posts about Outdoor Climbing

2010-09-09 The Palace, CO
2009-10-17 The Palace, CO
2009-08-29 The Palace, CO
2008-04-11 One Bold Workout
2006-10-08 Cragmont, CA
2006-09-30 The Grotto, CA
2005-10-08 Half Dome, CA
2005-08-27 Squamish, BC
2005-08-08 Beacon Rock, WA
2005-08-02 Smith Rock, OR
2003-06-14 Pinnacles, CA
2002-04-27 Sunol, CA
2002-04-21 Mt. Diablo, CA
2002-04-14 Handley Rock, CA
2002-01-20 Summit Rock, CA
2001-12-08 M&M's Rock, CA
2001-09-16 Big Chief, CA
2001-08-26 Cragmont, CA
2001-08-19 Indian Rock, CA
2001-05-06 Pinnacles, CA
2000-12-12 Mt. Diablo, CA
1999-04-25 Castle Rock, CA
1999-01-30 Goat Rock, CA