The U.S. media and government often paints China as an egregious suppressor of human rights that is home to sweatshop factories, copyright violators, and gross polluters; a country that is dangerous to American interests. China, then, was a big surprise when I visited it in 2002. The country is beautiful, cities are modern, people are peace-loving and welcoming—and one is fairly free to criticize the government as long as you aren’t talking about overthrowing the commies. Censorship and pollution remain pressing issues along with a gigantic—and growing—gulf between the rich and the poor, but there is no doubt about this: China is an ascendant country whose importance on the world stage is not to be denied.

Posts about China

04.24.16 My Dad's Childhood Home in China
04.24.16 Guangzhou, China
04.24.16 Not-so-bad Chinese-English Translations
04.21.16 Cantonese Food in China
04.20.16 Chinese Medicine
04.18.16 Yongding Hakka Tulou, China
04.18.16 Fujian Linyin Stone Forest, China
04.17.16 China Shopping Tours and Chinese Tea Houses
04.17.16 Wuyishan, China
04.16.16 Fuzhou, China
04.16.16 China Museum of Fujian-Taiwan Kinship
04.16.16 Kaiyuan Monastery, Quanzhou, China
04.15.16 Chinese Clones, Copies and Counterfeits
04.15.16 Cars in China
04.15.16 Xiamen, China
04.15.16 The Great Firewall of China: Sites You Cannot Access in the PRC
04.15.16 The Chinese Love Kobe Bryant
05.24.14 Funny English Translations
05.24.14 Food in China
05.23.14 The Man Who Sweated Money
05.23.14 The Chinese Health Center
05.23.14 Longjing Green Tea
05.23.14 Vehicles in China
05.22.14 Hangzhou, China
05.22.14 Thousand Island Lake, China
05.21.14 Huangshan, China
05.19.14 Nanjing, China
05.18.14 Chinese Massage
05.18.14 Wuxi, China
05.18.14 Chinese Elevators
05.17.14 Suzhou, China
05.17.14 Shanghai, China
05.14.14 China Iterinary
08.07.07 Memories of China
06.07.02 Shanghai, China
06.06.02 Useful Chinese Phrases
06.06.02 Suzhou, China
06.05.02 Xian, China
06.04.02 Chongqing, China
06.02.02 Lesser Three Gorges, China
05.30.02 Memorable Quotes, China
05.30.02 Yangtze River Cruise
05.30.02 Wuhan/Yeuyang, China
05.29.02 Bicycling in Beijing
05.29.02 Hutong, Beijing
05.29.02 Cars in China
05.28.02 Unusual Sightings in China
05.28.02 Food in China
05.28.02 Great Wall of China
05.27.02 Beijing, China
05.27.02 China Itinerary